1st World Master Shooting Sport Championship, Suhl, Germany Rifle/Pistol/Shotgun

The 1st World Master Shooting Sport Championship in Rifle/Pistol and Shotgun events will be organized and conducted by German Shooting Sport Federation from September 8-15, 2019 at Suhl, Germany.
The German Shooting Sport Federation will accept direct entries from the eligible shooters, as per norms, stated in the General Information.
The following is sent herewith for your information and necessary action at your end:
The 1st World Master Shooting Sport Championship is open to shooters of various age groups, as defined in General Information.

The entries, hotel booking, visa support and Gun permits details are to be submitted directly to the Organizing Committee on the web links provided under General Information.

The participants of 1st World Master Shooting Sport Championship will not be entitled to have the benefit of “International Shooter” as defied in Rule 1.1.5 of NRAI Match Book.

The NRAI would extend support for “Gun Carry Letter” for custom purpose to the shooters, who are international shooters or have participated in 62nd NSCC and have achieved MQS as per Rule 17.6 of NRAI Match Book in events where they would be participating in 1st World Master Shooting Sport Championship.

Shooters are required to file their entries, book accommodation directly and pay the charges, as required by the Organizing Committee and NRAI will not provide any assistance in this regard. Shooters are requested not to contact NRAI for the same.

Copies of Information, General Regulations, Rules for Supported Rest Shooting and relevant forms are attached herewith for the benefit of shooters.

 Shooters desirous of participating in this Championship are requested to go through the General Information and other documents carefully and comply the deadlines.

Masters Suhl GER 2019 General Information

Masters Suhl GER 2019-01 Visa Support Form

Masters Suhl GER 2019-02 Firearm and Ammunition Form

Masters Suhl GER_Rules for Supported Rest Shooting (Senior 3-5)

Preliminary Competition Schedule Masters Suhl GER