Henceforward, Import Permits for Pistols/Revolvers and their ammunition fulfilling the following specifications alone will be issued to the “Renowned Shooters”: 

1.  The Pistol / revolver must have adjustable Match Triggers as per ISSF regulations
2.  The Pistol / revolver must have minimum 4 inches (102 mm) barrel length and a  maximum of 6 inches (153mm) barrel. However there is no maximum barrel length limit for Free Pistol.
3.  The Pistol must have a magazine, For single shot requirement a dummy magazine or a single shot weapon may be used
4.  The Pistol / revolver must have adjustable REAR sights
5.  The Pistol / revolver must have match grips as per ISSF rules
6.  Non jacketed ammunition as per ISSF rules may be imported
7.  Calibers allowed by ISSF for competition shooting alone will be permitted
Calibers for 25M Center Fire Pistol should be 7.62mm to 9.65 mm (.30” - .38”)
25M Pistol & 25M Standard Pistol should be 5.6mm (.22”LR) rim fire long rifle
25M Rapid Fire Pistol & 50M Pistol should be 5.6mm (.22”) rim fire long rifle. 

No weapon or ammunition, if not as per above specifications, will be allowed to be imported. In case an application from a qualified athlete for a weapon or ammunition import does not fall within these parameters in toto, the application shall be rejected. Further, any administrative monetary charges paid along with such an application shall be forfeited and no refund shall be made, as the processing of such an application would still have to be undertaken by the requisite staff.