As per policy of Director General Foreign Trade, Ministry of Commerce, Government of India, the National Rifle Association of India (NRAI) is pleased to inform its Life Members and Annual Members that it proposes to import and distribute the following types of ammunition to its members:

Description of Ammunition proposed to be imported:

1. Shotgun Cartridges 28 bore
2. Pistol Cartridges of .25 and .30 Mauser bores.
3. Rifle Cartridges of 6.5 mm, .22 savage, .22 Hornet, 300 Sherwood, .32/40, .56, .275, .280,
7m/m Mauser, 7m/m Man Schoener, 9m/m Mauser, 9m/m Man Schoener, 8x57, 8x57S, 9.3
m/m, 9.5 m/m, Magnum, .405, .30.06, .270, .30/30 Winch, .318, .33 Winch, .275 Mag., .350
Mag., 400/350, .369 Purdey, .450/400, .470, .32 Win, .458 Win, .380 Rook, .220 Swift and
 .44Win. Bores.

Members are requested to place their indents describing in detail, the type of ammunition and the quantity they require to enable NRAI to consolidate and place orders with the exporters.

Please note that the orders will be placed with the suppliers only if a reasonable quantity emerges after consolidation of demands. Please do not send any money or Arms License at this stage.

It is to be noted that as & when such ammunition is imported it will be sold only to Life Members and Annual Members (who are not arrears of their subscription).

All email should be sent on No cognizance shall be taken if email sent on any other email ID.

The last date for receipt of indents is 15th April 2023.