Revised Schedule of 25th All India Kumar Surendra Singh Inter School Shooting Championship 2023

 Due to large no of entries, the schedule of 25th All India Kumar Surendra Singh INTER SCHOOL Shooting Championship extended till 14th October 2023 as per the following amendments: - 

 1. 05th October 2023: Training Rifle & Pistol. 2. Rifle ISSF Matches: 06th October to 09th October 2023 at Range-A.
 3. Rifle NR Matches: 06th October to 08th October 2023 at Range-B. 
4. PISTOL ISSF Matches: 09th October to 13th October 2023 at Range-A.
 5. PISTOL NR Matches: 09th October to 14th October 2023 at Range-B. 
6. Medal ceremony RIFLE Events: 09th October 2023 at 1400hrs. 
7. Medal ceremony PISTOL Events: 14th October 2023 at 1700hrs.