The following are the highlights of the Rifle and Pistol Criteria. The Criteria is available on this website.

1. Averages of Senior Group A, Junior Group A and Group B will be merged after 66 NSCC and a fresh ranking list will be prepared.
2. The team for international competitions, prior to conduct of Trial 1 and 2 will be based on the averages arrived after 66 NSCC. 
3. Selection of NSQ and Group A (Seniors) will be done on the basis of averages, as stated at (1)
4. There will not be Group A for juniors and all juniors will be participating in Group B trials, if they opt to remain as junior.
5. There will be two separate log sheets under Group B – Seniors and Juniors. Juniors will not be allowed to participate in any senior event in a “Non-Olympic” event.
6. Selection of juniors/youth for junior international competitions will be done on the basis of averages under Group B for Juniors/youth. 
7. After Trial 4 or six months, whichever is earlier, from the last date of 66 NSCC, all averages will be merged and new Group A and NSQ will be formed. In case, any junior/youth shooter wishes to continue in the junior/youth category, he/she will be excluded from the Group A ranking and will continue in Group B under Junior/Youth category.
8. All shooters, personal coaches and parents are required to follow SOP and sign an Undertaking as per Annexure “B” of the Selection Criteria.